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Spiritual Energy

science and spirituality
Science and Spirituality
"Everything in this Universe has limits, Our all body parts have limited function:,Then why we think our brain has no limit and we know everything about this life? Why we make ourselves so busy that we don't have time to think what we are? Like our eyes, ears and others body parts our brain also performs a limited functions:, This is why we assume ourselves as only bodies, but without these bodies we are something more, We have spiritual energy inside us, even we are spiritual energy"
What is Spirituality? and what we are? What is life? What is God? 

Today we know how to earn money, we have good knowledge of Technology and developed ourselves in every stream of science but these are some common questions which Still don't have any particular explanation or definition. Born,live and then die, is it the definition of life? No. There is more, more inside us.
Personally i believe that there is something missing inside us, we all are not only humans, we don't  have any energy," we are energy; spiritual energy" and we are spiritual beings, whether we are aware of ourselves as such, or not. There is something inside us which makes feel our identity different from other persons. We live in 3-dimensional world but we are not physical beings inside physical bodies. But there are lots of things which are still far from our present knowledge.
And what is spirituality and spiritual beings? The term spirituality lacks a definitive definition but if i have to say then in very simple words "Spirituality has different terms to everyone". Some people take it as participating to organized religions, going to churches, temples, holly places etc. While for others it is like more personal: doing prayers,meditation practice and yoga etc. To understand spirituality we have to remember one thing, we are spending time in these bodies. we people are so sensitive and scared persons which results in worship of different gods and created many religions. I believe there is something hidden in the corners of our hearts which forces us to search for more and more and makes us feel incomplete and we just need to feel our spiritual energy. There is only one religion that is "Humanity" because without humanity every religion is soul less. we are humans and humanity is our first religion, we all are equal and we have to help and understand each others feelings. We live in same country that is "EARTH". There is only one language that is "Feelings", because every person has feelings. When heart is pure it does not require words to communicate, like a mother; she does not require her baby to speak and she is the only who understand her baby's every feeling and requirement rather then other people because she is pure. We understand our pets without any communications even pets have better ability to understand our feelings and they know very well how to react over our feelings.
Sadly today we achieved many things but lost one thing and that one thing is "Spirituality".
So its the time to leave all thoughts of world we know and start a new journey through the strange world. Let your soul free from all burdens, close your eyes, let your soul fly, feel your spiritual energy and you will live as you have never lived.

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