Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Latest Ufo News, America Aug2,2013

On August 2, 2013 many people witnessed for ufo sightings , people have stated that a mysterious object is fallen from the sky this week , after which the surrounding area was sealed off for some time by police and military personnel stating that it was just a "weather balloon" rather than any ufo sightings.
According to reports a large numbers of government operatives from various secret agencies converged urgently on a resi
neighbourhood in Norfolk, Virginia. News reports described the object as "something odd", with many eyewitness saying it resembled to some kind of light and others suggesting that it had a structure similar to "balloon". People living and working in the immediate area were rapidly evacuated and the district was sealed off by both police and military personnel. The presence of operatives from shadowy federal agencies in overall charge of the incident was - of course - not mentioned by spokesmen briefing the media.
However it was revealed that initial contact with the landed object was handled using a robot. Following this there was consultation with experts from NASA.
Not long thereafter the mystery object from the sky was apparently loaded onto an unidentified government vehicle and removed from the scene. Subsequently local residents were permitted to return to their homes and the military and police contingents dispersed.
An official spokesman, Battalion Chief Julian Williamson, then briefed reporters, saying that "investigators made contact with the package and determined it to be ... a weather balloon".
He also urged anyone finding or seeing any other such objects or happenings:
"Do not investigate on your own. Just call the authorities.". There are many eyewitnesses of ufo sightings, But still no hard proof. Fact is based only one thing; people who have seen ufos they believe others don't do. One can't conclude ufos exists or not, but yes ufo sightings is a topic of deep discussion and research because ufo encounters and news are increasing day by day.

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