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Baltic Sea Anomaly

Baltic Sea Anomaly (Baltic Sea Ufo)

"Baltic Sea Anomaly" - What Do you Think It Is ??

"Baltic Sea Anomaly" ; is a 60 meter large circular rock like formation, which is discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea by Lindberg and their team.
It was discovered on June 19,2011 by a Swedish diving team named " Ocean-X" while searching for an old shipwreck between Sweden and Finland.(Visit our youtube channel for more Here)
According to diving team this formation is around 4 meters thick and approx. 60 meter in diameter and stands on a 8 meter tall pillar like structure, which is locates at a depth of nearly 90 meters. There is a another object smaller in size at the end of structure resembles to 300 meters runway.
Scientist's first impression was that Baltic Sea Anomaly was dated at least 15,000 to 140,000 years old.
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Swedish diving team Ocean-X has published one sonar scan on their official website and more nine sonar scans on their you-tube page which shoes another features of this structure .

Further on 2nd expedition of Baltic Sea they reported of finding another structure similar to staircase with a dark black hole, which goes directly into the structure.
"The Team" also gathered stone samples to have analyzed. According to the Volker Bruchert, an associate professor of geology at stockholm University, the samples of stones are of black volcanic rock deposited during a glaciation period. They also reported that a piece of stone which was removed by the diving team from the circular structure is made up of Limonite. Dr. Weiner said " To find these materials in a structure like this is a really strange thing ". Also infrared spectroscopy tests indicated that a piece of rock that was recovered from the object was burned organic material on it.


It is not an object which is man made in modern time. Whatever it is either from during the Ice-Age or Pre-Ice Age, - Peter Lindberg Feb.24,2013 " The Object is older than 140,000 yrs. or older than that .. with straight angles /lines / perfect round corners...much like a dinner plate "..and separate from the base below." Dr. Dennis Ashberg September 28,2012

There are three objects of Interests-

  •  The main 60 meter circular anomaly
  •  A smaller circular object lying apprx. 200 meter from the first anomaly with an area shaped like two "Gothic church windows".
  •  A third anomaly---a 28 meter high and 275 meter wide rock outcrop with crack running from it, and lying some 1500 meters south of the circular object direct on the other end of the trail. The Team has stated Anomaly 2 might turn out to be the most interesting than first one, and plan to dive on it this time.


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UFO evidence
There are two holes on the anomaly , one is 25 centimeters in diameter and the other is 2 meters, surrounded by a square formation. It is still not known where the holes lead. " What i do not believe because i know, it is the fact that we found a round hole approximately 25 cm in diameter going straight into the surface of the circle. How Old It is? How Deep it is ? No, Idea, we just saw it for some seconds before we decided to go back off to preserve the visibility of the divers , who were going down later."--Peter Lindberg.

Skull Or Stone
There is a one more interesting thing , An odd shaped object approx. the size of a football lying on the top of the anomaly. Some people say it appears to be rock and others believe it as elongated skull.


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There is another stair like formation found on the top right side (North-East) as well as lower bottom (South-West) to 60 meter circular object.
Peter Lindberg Conformed what he saw that steps on the lower (South-West) side are comprised of 8 steps with each step of 1 meter drop starting from the missing section on the left.


New Israel test shows that a pair of circle is metallic, A Metal that nature itself can not manufacture. Many people Believe that this could be a metallic aircraft or mothership, Or a kind of Ancient Technology as most people believes in the lost city of Atlanta and its technology. But many people believes it as an "UFO" where we all know "U" stands for "Unidentified". What are the exact scientific reports and explanations for Baltic Sea Anomaly are still to be conformed by Govt.s but one thing is sure , There are more secrets to be resolved at the depths of our oceans than our moon.
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