Monday, 11 November 2013

Manned Mission To Mars

Mars One Project is a project to establish human colonies on red planet Mars and this is first manned mission to Mars beginning in 2022. It is officially announced that project will start in 2016. According to the Mars One website, over 10,000 applications have submitted by people for this manned mission to Mars, hoping to spend their rest lives on red planet. They have planned to send a team of 4 people on 2023 which will arrive there after a long journey of 7 months. Another group of 4 people (2 Male-2 Female) would join their settlement every two years. They said that Astronauts have to undergo a training session to learn their survival techniques for this mission to Mars, and also to increase their physical abilities. One good thing is that you can apply for this trip, any person of 18 or 18+ age can apply for this mission by submitting a simple application but fees depends on a user's nationality, for Americans its $38, if you are a Mexican then its on $15. This  mission costs $6 billion on its first crew and they have decided to record every step of this journey which will be document for a reality t.v program. The idea for it is founded by sponsors and media that will pay for broad casting rights of this show and movies documenting everything from the training of astronauts on Earth to their deployment and colonization on Mars.
But many people criticized this mission, some space travel experts have said the risks too high to carry out this manned mission to Mars, a distance that man have never traveled. Some people are talking about it as a suicide mission because our human bodies are not suitable for weather conditions of Mars and high radiation level in space. Even due to physiological changes in human body after a stay on mars, there will be no coming back. Although after these worst conditions  more than 10,000 people from all over the World have applied for this manned mission to Mars. You can check videos and forms submitted by applicants on Mars One's official website.

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