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Great Pyramid Of Giza

Great Pyramid Of Giza(pyramid of Khufu)

This is one of the most mysterious place of this Earth also one of the Seven Wonders of the World and It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders and ancient pyramids of Giza. Egyptologists believe that the Great Pyramid Of Giza was built in period near around 2560 BCE.The mass of the pyramid is estimated at 5.9 million tonnes.The volume, including an internal hillock, is roughly 2,500,000 cubic meters.since it consists of an estimated 2.3 million blocks.

Do u know that it is still impossible to build structure like this with our full present day knowledge and with help of our high technology tools and machines.The pyramid is estimated to have around 2,300,000 stone blocks that weigh from 2 to 30 tons each and there are even some blocks that weigh over 50 tons. which is still too hard to migrate these huge blocks from one place to another and to put them on each other. The mortar used has unknown origin. It can be analyzed and its chemical composition is known but it can not be reproduced, its stronger than stone and still holding up today.

Great Pyramid Of Giza actually had 8 sides instead of 4. This phenomenon can only be detectable from sky at sunset on spring and autumn equinoxes. When sun cast shadow on the Pyramid they reveal 8 sided slightly concave constructions. Why has great Pyramid true shape that can only be visible from above and only in two seasons of year that is spring and autumn equinoxes and how did ancient man create that design that is exposed just twice a year and can only be seen from sky .

Some fact about the Great Pyramid Of Giza-

Construction of pyramid and its shafts are completely based on position of stars and astronomical objects. The Pyramid of Menkaure, the Pyramid of Khafre and the Great Pyramid of Khufu are precisely aligned with the Constellation of Orion. The southern shaft in the King’s Chamber pointed to the star Al Nitak in the constellation Orion And The Descending Passage pointed to the pole star Alpha Draconis.The Great Pyramid is located at the center of the land mass of the earth. The Corner stone of the pyramid has ball and socket construction, which is capable of dealing with earthquakes. The coffer in kings's chamber is made by a piece of solid granite which is too big to fit through the passage, so it must be put there in place during construction. The weight of the pyramid is estimated at 5,955,000 tons. Multiplied by 10^8 gives a reasonable estimate of the earth’s mass.

Now the question is how it possible to built massive structures like this in 2560 BCE. Is it possible that our ancestors were well known of technology or someone helped them and teach them how to build structures like this...Someone from out of this world. Today people believe in Aliens and UFOS, is it possible that aliens have contacted humans thousands of years ago..???
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